Former Blue Origin executives lead a secretive moon startup, secures new round of funding

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Interlune, a startup led by former Blue Origin leaders, has quietly closed a significant new tranche of funding, according to regulatory documents. The company, which has been around for three years but made almost no public announcements, raised $15.5 million in new funding and aims to secure an additional $2 million. The startup aims to harvest natural resources from the moon to use on Earth, with a focus on creating a sustainable in-space economy. Interlune’s CTO, Gary Lai, who previously worked at Blue Origin, briefly described the startup’s goals during a speech at Seattle’s Museum of Flight. Rob Meyerson, who was president at Blue Origin for 15 years, is leading the startup. The company is also led by attorney H. Indra Hornsby, who previously worked at BlackSky and Spaceflight Industries. Interlune’s tech involves developing a core enabling technology for lunar in situ resource utilization, specifically the ability to sort lunar regolith by particle size. This technology will provide appropriate feedstocks for lunar oxygen extraction systems, lunar 3-dimensional printers, and other applications. The company is part of a growing number of space startups focused on in-situ resource utilization, driven by NASA’s efforts to build a long-term human outpost on the moon through its Artemis program. Blue Origin also announced last year that it had made solar cells and transmission wires out of a material chemically identical to lunar regolith, emphasizing the importance of collaboration across the ISRU community to learn to live off the land on the moon and Mars.

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