Top 11 Smart Bulbs for 2024: Including Lamp Bulbs, Ambient Lighting, Colors, and More

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The allure of the Clapper, a device that allowed users to control lights with a simple clap, was revolutionary at the time. However, technology has progressed significantly since then, offering more advanced and convenient options for controlling lighting in the home. Smart bulbs have become a popular choice for creating a smart home, as they are affordable, easy to install, and widely used in everyday life. They also do not pose the same security risks as devices like cameras or door locks. With smart bulbs, users can control their lighting, set timers and schedules, and even change colors using their smartphone or voice commands.

For those interested in voice controls, options include smart speakers or smart displays, but the smart bulb’s app can also be used for control. With numerous smart bulbs on the market, some stand out as the best options. This article provides a list of the best smart bulbs that have been tested and recommended.

In a recent update in February 2024, new testing notes have been added on bulbs from Nanoleaf, Philips Wiz, and Philips Hue. This indicates that the article is regularly updated to provide the latest information on smart bulbs for readers.

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In summary, the article discusses the advancement of technology in smart home lighting, the benefits of smart bulbs, and provides recommendations for the best smart bulbs available. It also highlights new testing notes on the latest smart bulbs. Moreover, it offers a special subscription offer for readers to support WIRED.

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